I finally decorated my Easter tree today. I’ve had a hard time mustering the energy and determination to do it. For me, Easter is about celebration — specifically, celebrating the resurrection of Jesus. In light of the current state of our sick and quarantined world, I haven’t felt much like celebrating; therefore, I haven’t feltContinue reading “HOPEFULLY His”


Overheard in my house today: “GET YOUR FINGER OUT OF YOUR NOSE! You’re gonna catch the ‘Rona!” It reminded me of a time when nose-picking was simply gross, not potentially fatal. My son was six years old at the time, and he asked me out of seemingly nowhere, “Mom, did you pick your nose whenContinue reading “POSITIVELY His”


My four-year-old son sat at the kitchen table eating his dinner of fish sticks and green beans, wearing a pair of underwear on his head, one of his sister’s purple sequined cardigan sweaters, and sporting no pants and no shirt. Grace said, “Why are you wearing my purple sweater?” I said, “Where are your pants?”Continue reading “AUTHENTICALLY His”


Don’t cry over spilled coffee. Unless you’re sick. And running late. And barely pull yourself together so you can pick your child up from school and take your sick self to your child’s well-child appointment (irony) where you don a mask to protect others … only to find out the appointment was canceled and rescheduledContinue reading “REPEATEDLY His”


Unexpected tears dropped down onto the freshly-written gift tag with the Santa Claus face on it, smearing the words: To j4, From Mom and Dad. “j4” is the abbreviation I use for my youngest child, my son, John Wallace Carlson, IVth. We still call him “Johnathan,” but years ago, exactly like his Daddy did beforeContinue reading “BEHOLDENLY His”


“Sometimes we get to change a broken world with our words.” Tom Hanks (as Mister Rogers) in “It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood” As a writer, I can’t think of a more inspiring quote than this one. Believing my words somehow matter and that they might affect positive change keeps me – and hundredsContinue reading “VERBOSELY His”


My four-year-old ran towards the water of the mall fountain, unable to contain his awe and excitement. “I want to THROW something!” he exclaimed, bouncing up and down in front of the small spectacle. His big sister started rummaging around in her tiny, shiny little-girl purse and pulled out a single penny for him. “MakeContinue reading “BELIEVINGLY His”