Genealogically His

This morning started in a not-unusual way for me: praying in the shower. Knowing I had carved time out of my schedule today to write this laity devotional, I specifically prayed, “God, clear out my own ideas of what I should write about, and instead, tell me what You want to say.”

               I finished showering and began getting ready when I heard the unmistakable high-pitched whirr of a weed-eater. Assuming it was one of my neighbors, I continued on with my morning tasks. Then I remembered that my sweet Daddy showed up at our house unannounced just days before and started weed-eating the large expanse of property outside our fences. Sometimes, he does amazing, servant-minded things just like that, despite the fact that he’s in his late 70s, and despite the fact that we have an able-bodied man in his 40s and a teenaged boy both living in this house.

               Sure enough, I peeked out the window and saw my daddy hard at work. I sent my son out to greet his grandfather, and to ask for a lesson in how to safely operate a weed-eater, so he could take over for him. I watched through the window as my dad offered a lesson to his grandson, then allowed the teen to take over for him. My dad stood at a distance, protectively watching his grandson’s every move. When the weed-eater stopped working, they went to the truck bed together and repaired it to proper working order, and then the work continued.

               I can’t tell how much it means to have a father like mine: a father who not only believes in Jesus, but strives to exemplify Him every day. I didn’t ask my dad to do yard work at my house; he just showed up, tools at the ready. I didn’t ask my dad to patiently instruct my son on how to do yard work; he just showed up, ready to teach. I didn’t ask my dad to stay a while longer to ensure my son didn’t get hurt or encounter a problem with this new task; he just continued to watch over him. I didn’t ask my dad to greet my daughter with a bear hug; he just showed up, arms outstretched as soon as he saw her.  

               My dad looks like Jesus to me. He will be so embarrassed by this, because he also models Jesus’s humility. He doesn’t serve others—and especially his family—for attention or praise; he serves because he wants to love like Jesus, and because he is immensely grateful for what God has already done in his life.

               I love the phrase “Jesus with skin on,” and it accurately describes my dad. Sometimes, impacting others for the kingdom of God is as simple as showing up with whatever tools you’ve been given, willing to love and serve. And sometimes, if you’re truly blessed, you get to see that kingdom work within your own family. We can all be “Jesus with skin on” to someone in our lives. Look for opportunities to love like Jesus, and know you are helping build the kingdom of God on earth in the process.



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