Who are you? And who am I?

               Famous philosopher Aristotle reportedly said, “We are what we repeatedly do.” Although I do agree that our habits and activities characterize us, I do not believe they are the essence of our actual being. If Aristotle were entirely correct, I would be coffee.

               If we want to truly know who we are, we must look to the One who created us. The Bible tells us God created all things and called them “good.” When He created humans, however, He called them “very good.” We are a reflection of God and His nature. So, if you question who you are, remember whose you are. Look into the face of your Daddy to learn more about yourself. You are the beloved child of Father God. You are the intimate, creative handiwork of the God of the Universe. You hold within you the same Almighty-God-power that brought Jesus back to life. And don’t ever forget, you are worth the gruesome, painful, suffering and death on a cross of your sibling brother, Jesus.

               Identity crises don’t exist when we cling to the truth of who we truly are. We are God’s. Everything else is just details.



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