It’s been a hard week. Situations arose involving finances, marriage, and parenting that left me feeling entirely clueless. And the still-recovering people-pleasing, over-achieving perfectionist in me!

But that’s exactly where I found myself on multiple days this week: confused, stumped, not knowing which way to turn or how to proceed.

I stumbled across the social media post in the box below by She Rises. I cannot tell you how much it comforted and reassured me.

I turned to God. I’m still wrestling in prayer. To tell you the truth? I don’t have any answers yet.

But what do I have? Faith.

Faith that I’m not alone. Faith that God sees me and hears me and loves me. Faith that He is working all things together for my good. Faith that if I persist in seeking Him, He will hear my prayers and answer according to His will. Faith that He will never abandon nor forsake me. Faith that He can do the things I’m begging Him to do, and faith that He knows whether or not those things I’m asking for are even what’s best for me.

Faith that He is God. And I am not.

And I choose to be okay with that.



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