It’s been a hard week. Situations arose involving finances, marriage, and parenting that left me feeling entirely clueless. And the still-recovering people-pleasing, over-achieving perfectionist in me! But that’s exactly where I found myself on multiple days this week: confused, stumped, not knowing which way to turn or how to proceed. I stumbled across theContinue reading “NOT-SO-STUPIDLY His”


We really looked forward to this weekend … our first weekend in many weeks when there was nothing scheduled. Recently, we’d moved our oldest into a new apartment while she finishes college. We’d moved our middle child into her first dorm room at a different college. We’d gone to tennis tournaments while supporting our youngestContinue reading “PRESENTLY His”


I am experiencing an intense love/hate relationship with cooking right now. I oscillate between the blissful, therapeutic, rhythmic chopping of fresh vegetables and stirring of pots and saucepans, to absolute dread and anguish at the mere thought of planning and preparing one more meal. I’m reminded of my mixed emotions the time a young JohnathanContinue reading “IMMOVABLY His”


I finally decorated my Easter tree today. I’ve had a hard time mustering the energy and determination to do it. For me, Easter is about celebration — specifically, celebrating the resurrection of Jesus. In light of the current state of our sick and quarantined world, I haven’t felt much like celebrating; therefore, I haven’t feltContinue reading “HOPEFULLY His”


My four-year-old ran towards the water of the mall fountain, unable to contain his awe and excitement. “I want to THROW something!” he exclaimed, bouncing up and down in front of the small spectacle. His big sister started rummaging around in her tiny, shiny little-girl purse and pulled out a single penny for him. “MakeContinue reading “BELIEVINGLY His”